2009 Aprilia SVX 5.5

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The Aprilia SVX 5.5 is a absolute rocket of a dual-sport supermoto. With a V-Twin engine that produces nearly 70 horsepower, and less than 320 pounds of curb weight, this bike is an incredible performer that is probably one of the most hooligan friendly bikes produced in the last twenty years.

Aprilia SVX 5.5 - 1

However, with this revolutionary technology came a nearly fatal flaw. Owners of pre-2008 Aprilia SVX 5.5s are familiar with the ‘orange sealant’ issue. Long story short, this was Aprilia’s first attempt at an in-house engine, and it didn’t go well. Aprilia used sealant in some bikes that barely lasted 1,000 miles, and caused head gasket failures soon after. Look for a bike with black sealant instead – that’s when Aprilia figured it out.

Aprilia SVX 5.5 - 2

The Aprilia SVX 5.5 may have a checkered history with regards to reliability, but there are certain things you can look for. The biggest thing to keep in mind, with this bike in particular, is to find a bike with service history. Proper maintenance is crucial, and not cheap. Find someone who has records of maintenance and you’ll be rewarded with a light, flickable bike that’s as fun as it gets.

Aprilia SVX 5.5 - 3

This specific Aprilia SVX 550 has a couple of choice modifications, including frame and axle sliders, bark busters and roost guards, and a short front fender. In addition, the seller mentions that the bike was re-geared early in life, but does not mention details about the new ratios.

Find this Aprilia SVX 5.5 for sale here on Craigslist for $6,200 in Bryson City, North Carolina.