2009 Roehr 1250S

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4-27 Update: This Roehr did not meet reserve at $16,100, so it’s back up for sale with bidding up to $14,600 or a lower BIN of $23,000

Quick – think of a sportbike built by an American engineer/dreamer utilizing a Harley-Davidson engine. Did you go with Buell? So did I. But we’re wrong. Today you’re going to learn a little bit about a guy named Walter Roehrich and his attempt at creating an American superbike – which you can of course find for sale after the jump.

Roehr 1250S - Front Right

Walter Roehrich started designing his own bikes back in the late ’90’s. He started with what he called the Rv500, a two-stroke V-Twin he created by merging two Yammy YZ250 cylinders via a proprietary method. That then turned into four-stroke sportbikes, and he went through multiple models before creating the 1250SC, which utilized the 1250cc Revolution V-Twin engine from the Harley V-Rod. With 8 pounds of boost, the SC was capable of putting down 168 horsepower for a bike that weighed 432 pounds dry. It was also a hefty $49,999 brand new. 50 were scheduled to be produced, but if you believe the seller of this bike, only 10 ever were actually created. To be frank, there also seems to be a variant simply called the 1250S, which I assume means it’s not supercharged. But it’s incredibly difficult to find information on that model – everyone (including motorcycle mags) only seemed to care about the SC model. For a comprehensive look at Roehrich and his creation from someone who knows much more than I do on the subject, head on over to the always-fascinating OddBike.

Roehr 1250S - Rear Right

This specific Roehr 1250S has just 2,856 miles and has never been registered. It supposedly belonged to Walter himself and was the bike that all others were based on. The seller describes the SC model and a supercharger, but it’s not clear to me what this bike has (and there’s no pictures of the engine or under the fuel tank, where the supercharger is supposed to be. Do your research!

Roehr 1250S - Right Side

Find this Roehr 1250S for sale in San Diego, California with bidding up to $12,100 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $25,000

Roehr 1250S - Tank