2010 BMW G450X

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In the motorcycling world, it is not often that a manufacturer releases a model that flies under the radar. I must admit, I was unaware that this wonderful piece of German engineering existed. BMW wanted to send dirt flying in the endurance off road racing field, and was nice enough to fit headlights and blinkers to their product, making it even more usable. According to Dirt Rider, the initial effort in 2009 had some teething issues, but was back in 2010 with a more refined package worthy of the BMW badge.

This 2010 example of the BMW G450X is a more than capable dual sport, and currently sits with 3,265 miles on the clock in Henderson, Nevada. One of the most notable features is a counter rotating crankshaft, a technology just now making its debut on the Ducati Panigale V4. At $4,500, I could not think of a better tool for roosting your buddies’ Husky before educating them on the finer points of the 450cc engine that eventually went on to power the Husky itself.

Find this G450X for sale in Henderson, Nevada for $4,500 here on Craigslist.