2011 Zero XU – Electric Wonder

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The Zero XU is an all electric motorcycle designed to be the perfect city commuter for those that would like to stop using gasoline – as long as you won’t miss the sensation of shifting.

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Realistic range is between 30-35 miles, which admittedly isn’t great. But for those of you with 5-10 mile commutes, this bike could be perfect. Battery technology is always increasing, so this is definitely a situation where the advantages of buying new are worth the premium over buying used. Plus, the Zero is uniquely designed such that you can remove the battery pack, take it inside with you, and charge it without having to worry about parking your bike near an outlet. Clever.

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This bike only weighs 221 pounds, and can hit an “estimated top speed of 65mph”. You’ll have to budget 3 hours for a full recharge, though just like electric cars nowadays, you can get a quick charge option that should cut the time down to 90 minutes. Learn more about the XU and the Zero Motorcycles lineup here on the Zero website. Zero is one of the very few serious entries into the world of electric motorcycles. They’ve entered races like FIM e-Power and TTX, and we’re very excited to see what the immediate future holds. We feature a lot of classic bikes here, but we also look towards the future. Consider this to be an excellent option for a daily commuter while you save your ’73 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport for that leisurely Sunday ride.

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Find this Zero XU for sale here on Craigslist for $4,499 in Los Angeles, California.

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