2014 RM Monterey Auction Preview

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On August 15th, the RM Monterey Auction will take place at the Portola Hotel in (surprise) Monterey, California.

I thought I’d check out some of the lots on offer and share my personal highlights with you. Then I realized that they’re only selling one bike, so my job got a lot easier. Thankfully, that one bike is very interesting…

AAR Alligator - Front Right
2002 AAR Alligator

The brainchild of Dan Gurney (and eventually integrated into his company, All American Racers), the AAR Alligator was one of the most revolutionary ideas to ever hit motorcycle design. As a tall guy, Dan felt that the normal riding position was too high and tight – he decided to do something about it and create a bike that one sat in, rather than on.

This is chassis # 1D9SB170X2S440004, and it’s one of just 36 models that were released in the production run. For more information, check out this comprehensive write-up from OddBike.

Find this AAR Alligator listing here on RM Auctions, where it’s guaranteed to find a new owner as it has no reserve.

AAR Alligator - Rear Left

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