2015 KTM RC390

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The KTM RC390 graced the world in 2014 as Europe’s entry to a class that was being run by the Kawasaki Ninja 300. It offered a distinctly European approach to a lightweight sportbike and earned praise from many. In addition, it offered several their first look at KTM, who has a much bigger footprint off road. A 372cc single cylinder engine thumps out 43hp, while the looks make you swear it has more. If you see a kid on one of these at a track day, don’t even try to keep up. The European touches of course came at a premium, as the KTM was notably more than its competitors, but time heals all wounds.

This KTM RC 390 (VIN: MD2JYJ403FC223017) could be your first bike. Then, carry you to your first track day, and then to your first amateur race. For now, it appears to be entirely as it was from the factory. Original sales paperwork is included for documentation. Only 3,622 miles are on the clock. Hardly any for a motor, but long enough to knock a significant amount off the original $5,599 asking price. I found this bike on the Orange County Craigslist, along with numerous others. These bikes are out there, and this is the best deal I found. Prices were hovering around $4,000, but this one was listed for significantly less. Is this due to market saturation, or is this price too good to be true and something has to be wrong?

Find this RC390 for sale in San Clemente, California for $3,100 here on Craigslist.