Mexican MXer in Canada – 197x Carabela Centauro

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Carabela is a Mexican motorcycle manufacturer that was best known for small displacement off-roaders. They released Mexico’s first motocross bike, the Caliente, in 1969. That was followed-up by the Marquesa, which was available with a 100, 125, or 175cc motor. The big boy was the Centauro (not to be confused with yesterday’s Moto Guzzi Centauro), which was available with 250, 360, and 450cc engines. Here’s a 250cc model that seems to be from 1976, based on the paint scheme.

Per the seller, this is “a good example of a true survivor and in running condition.” It’ shard to find information on Carabelas, but in general the company built machines under license from other manufacturers. With that said, SuperHunky doesn’t have great things to say, nothing that the drivetrains were poorly made. “The Carabela did handle good though, with the frame geometry stolen from Maico, and the fork technology pirated from Spanish Betors.” His last paragraph might just put everything in context of this listing, however:

Beware to the person who finds a Carabela in some dank garage and wants to restore it. Parts and non-existent, and even a 100% resto produces a bike that while pretty, is pretty awful to begin with.

Find this Carabela for sale in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for $2,500 here on Craigslist. A Mexican bike in Canada – now we just need a US buyer to complete the North American trifecta.