2016 Nesco Vintage Bike Show & Swap Meet

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This weekend is the 17th annual Nesco Vintage Dirt/Street Bike Show & Swap Meet. Bike-urious reader David N put up with some less-than-ideal weather to check it out, and was kind enough to take some pictures so you can pretend you were there, too!

Per David:

A few diehard souls braved the inclement weather to attend this year’s Nesco Vintage Swap Meet on Saturday in Hammonton, NJ, not too far away from Atlantic City. It was cold and rainy, but being one the last outdoor meets for the year, I could not stay away.

An Ossa 250 Enduro, stripped of lights with and with a hot carb, a Honda CB550 Four and a 185cc Suzuki with 400 original miles showing. The Suzuki was a pricey $2900.

I was a Nesco virgin. So this was my first time there and I did not know what to expect. It’s billed for vintage dirt bikes, but the story goes, anything may, and usually does, show up. I’m sure this year was much smaller on account of the rain. Tomorrow might be better if the weather breaks.

This Montesa Cota was actually much nicer than presented. The seller wanted $950.

The obligatory Sno-Runner. These must be failry common as they seem to show up at every swap meet here in the Northeast. This one’s attached to a modern VW Baja buggy.

Different from other meets, Saturday is a vintage track day, which means the motocross track is open to riders on bikes 1989 and older. The main swap meet is Sunday, which I did not know. Sunday is the big day, not Saturday!

Riders braved the mud on TT500s and vintages two strokes. Most camp for the weekend. I’ll have to get some gear and try that. There were riders of all ages and sizes. They seemed to enjoy the mud. Protective gear is required.

Moral of the story, don’t let this year’s small outing fool you. This show promises to be a good one next year, weather providing!

One savvy buyer scored this YZ80 two-stroker for a mere $300. It seemed to run pretty good as he drove away.

The swap meet looks promising but for the rain. If Sunday brings better weather, it should be a good ordeal. I’ll be sure to come back next year. I might even camp!