345 Miles In Canada – 1980 Honda CT110

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The CT110 was introduced in 1980 as the successor to the CT90. The clutchless four-speed transmission freed p your left hand, which is one of the reasons why it became popular as a delivery bike for postal workers in Australia and New Zealand. Here’s a first-year example of the breed with barely any miles that’s claimed to be all original with the exception of a new carb.

Honda CT110 Postie

The 105cc engine produced 7.6 horsepower, but that was fine because the bike weighed just over 200 pounds wet. In addition, it featured a dual range ‘subtransmission’ which could be engaged with a lever that would yield a roughly 2:1 ratio reduction. This enabled easy scaling of steep hills, even with less than 8 horsepower. Postal workers could go anywhere! For example, check out this incredible ride report on ADVRider of someone (who appropriately goes by nathanthepostman) taking his Postie from Sydney, Australia to London, England.

If you don’t have an ADVRider account or you’re just short on time, you can also enjoy the story through this 14 minute documentary:

Whatever you do, just don’t re-enact what this Australian postman did!

The seller says this bike has been in storage for years and it’s still got the original tires. It’s been cleaned and tested and is ready to presumably be put away in a collection – I can’t imagine the next owner is going to want to put many miles on this well-preserved example.

Honda CT110 - Sidecover

Find this Honda for sale in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada for $1,963 here on Kijiji.

Honda CT110 - Extra Fuel

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Larry G!

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