3,590 Miles – 1979 Kawasaki KZ1300

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Post Listing Update: This KZ did not meet reserve despite 29 bids up to $9,250.

In a period review, Cycle World called Kawasaki’s KZ1300 “an incredible hulk”, saying “There are motorcycles with more speed, but not with the same combination of power, strength, comfort and handling…the sophistication is incredible, the size is enormous.” Displacement-wise, it was the biggest of the classic six-cylinder motors like the Benelli Sei and the Honda CBX. Like the competition, the KZ wasn’t a commercial success but collectors now appreciate the audacity of a bike that screamed excess from the weight to the price.

Built for 10 years, the 1,286cc engine produced a hefty 120 horsepower. Top speed was similarly significant with magazine tests showing that it was capable of hitting 140 mph. But the 710 pound wet weight meant it was thirsty, with a mpg rating of approximately 30. For more information, check out this ‘six-cylinder’ comparo from Motorcycle Classics.

This example (VIN: KZT30A005025) has 3,590 miles and it is said to be in great condition. Significant cosmetic flaws are limited to some scratches on the front fender as well as some damaged paint due to brake fluid that escaped both the front and rear reservoirs.

Find this KZ1300 for sale in Marietta, Georgia with bidding up to $4,870 and the reserve not yet met

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