384 Miles – 2007 BMW K1200R Sport

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To complement their K1200R naked sportbike (which was the most powerful naked bike of the time), BMW offered a “Sport” variant which added a fairing as well as a second air intake which added another 4 horsepower (up to 167).

BMW was quite proud of their ‘fastest naked’ claim, and it’s an easy assumption that they were disappointed when Suzuki released the 184 hp B-King (basically a naked Hayabusa). With that said, British magazine RiDE tested the B-King and K1200R together and their tests showed that the K1200R accelerated faster and had a 9 mph advantage in top speed. MCN said thatthe BMW K1200R Sport is one of the most stable motorcycles you can buy. Few bikes can attack fast A-road curves with such poise, thanks to the Duolever front suspension isolating all but the worst of the bumps from the rider.” MCN would also go on to say that “the BMW K1200R Sport is a dazzling mix of super-naked-meets-sports-tourer. Although it’s basically a K1200R with a half fairing it manages to combine all the fun of a mad, agile naked but is comfortable and practical enough to go touring on. The K1200R Sport is the ultimate Nurburgring tool; as at home whizzing around the track as it actually getting there and back.” I own the naked version (K1200R), and even with 87k miles on the clock it’s still a joy every time I fire it up. That’s what makes this example such an interesting baby.

This example (VIN: WB10595087ZP85062) has just 384 miles, and the seller says that it came out of a BMW dealership in Scottsdale, Arizona. “The bike was just serviced including engine and final drive oils, new battery, new brake master cylinder and brake fluid. I installed Michelin Road 5 tires with under 1000 miles on them that I had from my personal K1200S.This bike runs and rides like the brand new machine that it is. There isn’t a scratch on it, the luggage is keyed to the bike and is in perfect condition. It is 100% stock and ready to ride anywhere.” It’s a lovely bike – and in hindsight, it’s probably the version I should have bought – but even though I’m probably biased as someone who the naked sibling I do think the asking price on this is quite steep.

Find this K1200R Sport for sale in Portland, Oregon with a BIN of $10,999 or best offer here on eBay.