3rd Place in the Daytona 200 – 1973 Yamaha TZ350

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The Yamaha TZ350 was Yammie’s production roadracer that was built between 1973 and 1981. Here’s a privateer bike that finished on the podium in the 1973 Daytona 200, behind Jarno Saarinen and Kel Carruthers (whom were both on factory Yamaha TR3s and were World Champions).

Yamaha TZ350 Racer - Cockpit

The TZ350 evolved over the years, from the introductory Model A (what’s available today) to the Model H, the last examples which were discontinued once FIM killed the 350cc World Championship class in 1982. The Model A got water-cooling as part of its’ evolution from the TR3, and the engine produced 60 horsepower at 9,500 rpm. For all the information you’d want about the TZ350, check out this specifications page from TZ350.net.

Yamaha TZ350 Racer - Vintage

This specific Yamaha TZ350 racer (VIN: 383-991019) was restored by the late Stephen Wright back in the early 90s, after which it spent some time in private collections. The seller notes that there is some minor ‘shelf wear’ that includes paint chips and a scrape on the fairing and the racing slicks show some dry cracking. After the restoration, the bike was prepped for display duty so the fluids were drained and the engine was fogged. Seeing as that was over 20 years ago, you’ll want to give the bike some love if you plan on getting it back on pavement. The sale includes a Cycle News issue covering the ’73 Daytona 200, some other collectibles, and the racing stand shown in the photos.

Yamaha TZ350 Racer - Front Right

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