The Aristocad – 2007 Triumph Bonneville Custom

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Not sure what to say about this bike – but I’ll give it a shot. This is the Aristocad, a custom build from Putsch Racing, built as an homage to a character/story they made up about an assassination attempt of key members of the Nazi party. It’s all a little odd, but the bike sure is interesting – especially the mock Browning .30 cals on either side of the bike…which fire blanks and simulate muzzle flashes at the rider’s command:

For more on the bike, check out this profile on Putsch Racing’s site. Note that at the bottom of the site they say the bike will not be for sale, but it seems things have changed. Highlights of the custom work include the gun sight from a Sopwith Camel (Snoopy would be proud) which aligns with the road when the rider is in full tuck, English fighting daggers mounted on the tank, leather tool bag and more.
Aristocad - Female Model

The Aristocad (VIN: SMT900K127T284464) is based on a Triumph Bonneville and it seems that the engine has been left untouched, though the bike has been given a scrambler-style exhaust. While the bike is intended to be sold as a display piece, it does have a title and it does run.

Aristocad - Swingarm

Find the Aristocad for sale in Dublin, Ohio at its opening bid or a BIN of $32,000

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