48 Cylinder Kawasaki

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Alright, with a price of $840,000, this bike is arguably not actually for sale, so it might be borderline that I’m featuring it. With that said, there is a for sale listing, so enjoy this 4,200 cubic centimeter, 48 CYLINDER Kawasaki. Mind-boggling. Built by Simon Whitlock, this bike features 16 different engines from Kawasaki KH250s that have been reorganized into the three stacks of cylinders you see in front of you. The whole thing runs off 6 Jaguar E-Type distributors and the power somehow goes through a BMW motorcycle gearbox transmission. Oh, and there’s a 75cc pit bike engine just to start the beast, which is apparently named Tinker Toy.

48 Cylinder Kawasaki - Right Side

The bike is said to run and “barely” ride, seeing as just the engine and the box it sits in weigh over a ton. For more information, check out this quick writeup from Big Bike Riders. And make sure you listen to it start up here. I’ve set the video to begin during the startup procedure, but rewind to the beginning if you want to learn more about how it works!

Find Tinker Toy for sale here on Autotrader.co.uk in Bracknell, United Kingdom for about $840,000.