5 Miles – 1986 Bimota DB1

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Post Listing Update: This DB1 did not meet reserve despite 10 bids up to $18,100 on eBay in Willoughby, Ohio.

The Bimota DB1 is a critical bike in Bimota’s history – in fact, it’s credited with saving the company from near-certain bankruptcy. Two pieces of curved fiberglass came together to create the distinctive pearl white bodywork surrounding a Ducati 748cc engine. As a refresher, Bimota model names are based on the engine supplier, so DB1 represents “Ducati-powered, Bimota-built, 1st model”. Despite the looks, the DB1 wasn’t particularly fast, with only 70 horsepower. But it kept Bimota going so you can still enjoy insanity like the Tesi 3D.

There were several versions of the Bimota DB1, but in total less than 700 were produced. This featured bike is the original base model, of which only 12 were originally imported to the United States. Want to learn more? Check out VisorDown’s small piece on the DB1 as part of Bimota’s six sexiest bikes.

This example (VIN: DB1000203) is being offered by the second owner who says that it’s “nearly flawless”. He or she notes: “the only flaws I could find are a slight rub mark on the rear of the solo cowl near the tail light. Second flaw is a super small green paint dot on top of the solo cowl (see pic), this looks like a factory flaw. Other than that the bike is perfect and new.”

Find this DB1 for sale in Willoughby, Ohio with an unmet opening bid of $15,000

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