5 Miles – 2004 Moto Guzzi MGS-01

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Post Sale Update: This Guzzi sold for $49,328 after 61 bids in Seattle Washington on Iconic Motorbike Auctions.

9-11-21 Update: 7 months later and this MGS-01 is now up for sale over on our auction site – find it still in Seattle, Washington with bidding up to $27,100 and the reserve not yet met here on Iconic Motorbike Auctions.

2-3-21 Update: 2.5 years later, this MGS-01 is still up for sale. The spare bodywork was sold off to help lower the price – find it in Seattle, Washington for $50,000 here at Seattle Used Bikes.

Moto Guzzi Sport, Number 1 – that’s what MGS-01 stood for. Doesn’t matter what you called it, it was an unexpected taste of what Guzzi would be capable of if they wanted to rub shoulders with Ducati or Aprilia in the exotic, red-blooded Italian sportbike game. The first examples of the bike were called the Corsa, a 1,200cc track-only superbike with a MSRP of about $25,000. It was supposed to be the predecessor for a more civilized street version called the Serie.

Even if the Corsa was track only, the bodywork was clearly ready for a headlight and the other components required to be street legal – Guzzi’s intent was to created a milder version with a 992cc engine. The street legal version Serie would have had a MSRP of approximately $17,000, but as you can tell from my word choice, it never came to be. Long story short, just 150 (that number is up for debate) Corsas were built, and they didn’t have much race success. Basic numbers were 122 horsepower, 83 pound-feet of torque, and 420 pound dry weight. For an excellent story on the Corsa, check out this article on OddBike.

This example (VIN: ZGULRRA004M10045) has less than 5 miles on it as it was acquired by a collector who put it in storage until 2014, when it seems it was first started by the folks over at Moto International. It was ridden once, then put back into storage. Now it’s being offered on consignment by Seattle Used Bikes. It looks great, it’s equipped with a Termi exhaust, and there’s not much else to say! The sale includes a cover, rear stand, and a spare set of race bodywork – but I can’t imagine this beauty is ever going to hit the track.

Find this MGS for sale in Seattle, Washington here on Craigslist for $55,000.