703 Miles – 1989 Honda XL600V Transalp

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Post Listing Update: This Transalp did not meet reserve despite 35 bids up to $4,500 on eBay.

When Honda brought the XL600V over from Europe in 1989, America wasn’t ready. The 583cc V-twin adventure bike was more capable than anyone could have imagined. Many news outlets noted its biggest limiting factor was the tires of the time. Twin spark heads and a 450lb weight offered agility on the road, while full fairings looked the part. Meanwhile, long travel suspension and an upright riding position kept you comfortable as long as you could stay in the saddle. What started as a passable off-roader and a competent street bike largely gave birth to the modern ADVs we have today. I’m just surprised a V-Twin was their first choice.

This hidden Honda gem (VIN: JH2PD0605KM200949) lies in Edmond, Oklahoma. It has lived a coddled lifestyle, no doubt being preserved on purpose. Just 703 miles have been traveled, and the bike remains 100% original according to the listing. It starts and runs like new, without a scratch mentioned. The value of stock tires lies mostly in collecting, and this XL600V qualifies. However, readers who like to ride their bikes should definitely replace them before blazing any trails. It is highly likely that modern tires will make this bike even more enjoyable.

Find this Transalp for sale with bidding up to $3,453 and the reserve not yet met

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