818 Miles – 1996 KTM Duke 620e

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Considered by many to be the birth of the supermoto, the KTM Duke 620 was a revelation when it was introduced as a concept. Riders loved it enough that KTM eased into limited production. These bikes are a silly amount of fun, but I’m going to defer to Cycle World’s review of the bike in 1995 to give you an idea:


Steer clear. Move on before it’s too late. Turn the page. Nothing good can come of it. KTM’s Duke, the first pure streetbike the tiny Austrian firm has sold in the U.S., is a diabolic device that will land you in hot water quicker than Senator Bob PackWood at a panty raid. This bike is 609cc worth of stonkin’ Single that lives for three things and three things only: 1) wheelies, 2) stoppies and 3) rorty romps through the gearbox. The meek may inherit the Earth, but they won’t be riding around on KTM Dukes.

The “e” in 620e means this bike has an electric starter. In ’95, KTM imported 80 Dukes to the US. I wasn’t able to find a number for ’96 but the seller says the magic number was 100. This bike has just 818 miles, and has a couple of upgrades to take care of known issues – particularly replacing the Edelbrock Quicksilver Carb and replacing the stator and flywheel with newer versions. It’s claimed to run great but could use a detail.

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