877 Miles – 2006 Honda CBR600RR

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Nowadays, special JDM examples of the 250 and 400cc pared down versions of the CBR, GSXR, FZR and ZXR models from the Big 4 Japanese makers are going through a bit of a renaissance. Despite being nearly 30 years old now these bikes still have a rabid following when compared to the budget 250-700cc learner bikes being produced and sold today. These bikes may have had scaled down powerplants but everything else was built to a very high level. Screaming high redlines on multi-cylinder engines, excellent brakes and suspension on a race derived chassis that had razor sharp handling.

I believe we will look back on the 600’s of the last 15 years or so as something special as well. For one, they are being phased out and replaced with cheaper less race focused versions, (Abhi touched on the phenomenon recently with his Yamaha R7 review) and two the market and emissions environments will likely not see them being built and sold for much longer.

My first 600RR was a 2003 track bike and I loved it. It was the first bike I really learned to go fast on during track days and felt comfortable and in control doing it. I have also had a 2005 and a 2007, and enjoyed both. The engine has always been a winner with great power and that screaming 15,000 RPM redline, it was so good it was the basis for the powerplant in the Moto2 bikes of MotoGP for many years. The 2005 got some very nice upgrades, notably the inverted fully adjustable front end with radial brakes.

This 2006 is something of an anomaly still wearing its original tires and showing less than 1,000 miles. Can’t be many of these out there, most 600RR’s of this era are now very well worn, many got turned into stunt bikes and many more ended up as parts on eBay.

This one shows some small cosmetic flaws but looks to be all original down to the rear fender and warning decals still in place.

Find this CBR600RR in Towanda, Pennsylvania with a BIN of $7,200 or best offer here on eBay.