Abhi Buys a MZ Mastiff, Part 3 – She’s Gone

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After writing up the fantastic MZ Skorpion Replica a few days ago, I realized that I hadn’t updated y’all on what happened with my temporary ownership of a MZ with the same Yamaha-built 660cc thumper. It’s a quick story – as planned, I sold it!

Before I let it go, I was waiting to make sure I had a successful 100+ mile ride that didn’t involve anything

    like a sheared gear shifter.

    Back at the hangar, I had a beer with my buddies to celebrate a successful ride with it. My partner Adam is on the left, and one of my favorite clients (and a fellow HP2 Megamoto owner) is on the right. He’s a clever man who works for Tesla – among other things, he designed the flamethrower that The Boring Company sold.

    During my ownership, I cleaned it up and fixed a bunch of stuff, but I admittedly gave up on a few things – it only had one mirror and the brake light didn’t work (the running light did).

    Cosmetically, the biggest thing was that we moved the fender from under the headlights to right above the front wheel. The latter is what’s stock, though I still am not sure what’s more pleasing aesthetically.

    How I got it:

    How it’s supposed to be (and what I turned it into):

    Well, I had my fun with it, so I put it up for sale on my other site with no reserve and saw what the auction gods would give me for it.

    It sold for $2,102 plus our minimum $250 buyer’s fee – I think it’s a reasonable price for something so rare and fun. I really enjoyed the Mastiff, though the chassis definitely could have handled another 20 horsepower or so. The handling was excellent but the suspension was quite soft. The torque was great, it sounded fantastic with the Vampire exhaust, and I really like how rare it was, but I don’t find myself pining for it now that it’s gone.

    If I had some more room, I’d probably go through all of this again with the MZ Skorpion Replica that I just featured. That would be a fun little runabout for a few months.

    So, what did I do with my money? I bought a BMW M1000RR…sort of. I actually got one of the Lego models, which was a fun after-work distraction for Vy and I put together. Key from my HP2 Megamoto for scale:

    It’s the most detailed motorcycle model that Lego makes, and it’s awesome. I even ended up putting it in my office, but the bummer is that the coolest part of the bike (the pistons/connecting rods/camshaft actually moves inside the motor and there’s a functioning three-speed transmission with neutral) is hidden under the bodywork.

    Now it’s on to the next bike