Alternate KLR – 1991 Kawasaki Tengai

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This Kawasaki Tengai was created as a sister bike to the venerable KLR 650. Magazine tests of the time cited the Tengai as a bit better off-road, and most thought it was better looking due to the extra plastic, but many felt that the improvements weren’t necessarily worth the slight increase in MSRP, especially if you were spending more time off-road than on the pavement.

Kawasaki Tengai - 1

Differences between these bikes include a dual piston front caliper on the Tengai versus a single on the KLR, shorter but thicker forks, and a much nicer instrument panel that was attached to the frame and not the triple tree. In addition, the rear subframes are slightly different and the rear footpegs have a different mounting bracket setup. In other words, be careful when you are shopping for a rear rack system. You’d be tempted to buy one for a KLR because they’re much more prevalent, but it might not fit correctly. Luggage might already be taken care for you, though, as the owner is throwing in a Givi top case with this Kawi.

Kawasaki Tengai - 2

This specific Kawasaki Tengai is in great shape for its age. The seller is getting rid of it as he’s just bought a new KLR. This isn’t a collector’s bike – there are minor cosmetic defects, and it’s TMU (true mileage unknown). But if you’re looking for an unique dual sport bike that currently needs nothing, this Tengai might just fit the bill.

Kawasaki Tengai - 3

Find this Kawasaki Tengai here on Craigslist for $2,200 in West Seattle, Washington.