Auction Preview – Mecum Indy 2015

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On May 15th, Mecum will be auctioning off approximately 100 motorcycles at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Here are 10 of my favorites, which include more Harleys than usual…

1. 1982 “Narley” Featherbed
Narley - Front RightTake a Sputhe-built 1000cc Harley V-Twin and shove it into a Norton Featherbed frame – you’ve got yourself a “Narley”. The frame is from a Manx, and the bike also features Suzuki SV650 forks, and Trackmaster triple trees.

2. 1962 Honda CB77 Super Hawk
Super Hawk - Front RightNo real information provied on this one, but I can’t stop staring at it. Just beautiful.

3. 1996 Harley-Davidson XR
Jess Roeder Harley - Front RightRaced by Jess Roeder, this bike won the 1998 AMA National Dirt Track Series Championship.

4. 1966 Van Tech Honda CB160
Van Tech CB160 - Left SideThis little jewel has a Van Tech racing frame that’s been adorned with Ceriani forks and MJB shocks – plus the iconic fuel tank of the CR93.

5. 1991 Harley-Davidson XRTT
Harley-Davidson XRTT Custom - Right SideThis bike features the first use of a new S&S-designed engine, surrounded by a ’91 Sportster frame and other goodies like Storz rearsets, OMP controls, Paioli forks, SuperTrapp exhaust, and fairings that aren’t pictured.

6. 1964 DKW Hummel
Tin Banana - Right SideAffectionately known as the Tin Banana, this bike features a 50cc, 2 horsepower engine. The gorgeous styling and the red/cream paint makes me feel like it could have been sold as a matching accessory to a ’57 Coupe DeVille or Bel Air, almost like the Honda Motocompo and City.

7. 1966 Harley-Davidson CRTT
Harley-Davidson CRTT - Right Side1 of 6 factory CRTTs, this was a documented Mert Lawwill racer that has won multiple national championships and set a record in Bonneville in 2007 before recently being restored.

8. 1960 Motom 48 Junior
Motom Junior - Front RightNot much information here either, just claimed to be in running condition. I find the design fascinating – especially of the rear shocks!

9. 1998 Xiang Jiang 750 (which I thought was Chang Jiang, but maybe they are different companies?)
Xiang Jiang 750 with sidecar - FrontLook at those headlights and the height of the sidecar seat! This is claimed to be as new (with 104 miles) and to be the only one of its model to have been imported to the US from China.

10. Last but not least, this 1951 BSA A7 Road Racer
BSA A7 Road Racer - Front RightBuilt by Ray Hensley – you may know the name because he founded the frame companies Sonic Weld and Trackmaster, this A7 was his personal road racer.

Mecum is also auctioning off about 2,000 cars – I have to highlight just one: an unrestored ’70 Hemi Cuda with just 81 miles. It’s expected to go for between $600k-$800k. Good lord.