Austrian Army – 1985 KTM 250 Krad

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Another day, another bike I had never heard of before!

I’ve seen this referred to as the 250 Krad or the 250 GL Krad – whatever you call it, it’s cool! A translated German Wikipedia page suggests that it was used by the Austrian and Norwegian armed forces and had optional skis for snow/ice riding.

The air-cooled 245cc 2-stroke single produced 27 horsepower and was capable of covering approximately 180 miles per tank. As a bonus, did you know that KTM also made a military variant of the LC4?

This one’s one of the nicest I’ve seen in my limited research – most are quite ragged – and it’s nicely complemented by a water canteen, luggage, and a holster of some sort. The “gunshot” stickers need to be removed ASAP and I’d ask for newer photos seeing as these shots are dated 5/3/2012, but this bike has to be worth investigating if you collect military motorcycles. If that sounds like you, find this KTM for sale in Lawrenceville, Illinois for $4,500 here on Craigslist.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Rod M!