Barber Vintage Festival 2016 – Day 1

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Editor’s Note: Neal M told me a while back that he was heading to Barber for the annual Vintage Festival, so I asked if he’d share some photos of his personal highlights for those of us (myself included) who could not make it over this weekend. Enjoy!

In Neal’s words:

I rode to Barber from Atlanta. It was a 2.5 hour ride. Perfect riding weather. Picked up my press credentials. I was giddy with excitement riding into the track. Press intro was very basic. Do this, don’t do that. Here is your vest. Sign in. Done. The track is too big to simply walk around it.

One race was particularly interesting. Two friends were racing each other on beautifully restored ’35 HD’s.

In the next pit stall was this beautiful Indian.

In the next stall were three Norton Manx’s. This was the nicest of the three.

Across the way I found this 1968 MV Agusta 250 twin 4 stroke. This one is for sale:

This Bultaco was glorious. I sure would like to give this bike a workout on the track.

I rode a full loop of the track to sort out what was where and what I wanted to see. It was still early as people continued to flock in. I pulled into the Vintage Japaneese Bike area. Not many bikes yet. Met the bloke who owned this amazing BMW. His bike was as nice as any example I saw at the BMW museum in Munich this Spring.

If you think that is cool check out his second bike at the show. A 1921 Victoria. Two years before BMW started making motorcycles. This bike gets my vote for the coolest one.

I then rode to the official motorcycle parking area.

I met the guy (& wife) who built and raced this 1952 double Triumph engine drag bike. On nitro it would run 160mph in the quarter. It’s a wonder he is still alive and walking. Pinstriped by Von Dutch.

There are so many beautiful bikes. Here are a some more for your enjoyment.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Daytona Specials. This one is spectacular.

Every bit of the Duc is hand built by Vee Two in Australia. Mechanical porn.

If this bike does not make your blood boil it might be because you were not alive in 1982-83.

1955 James Dean TR 5 tribute bike.

Absolutely beautiful custom British build.

Pair of Norton’s

Most colorful bike award

RG 500. Ring ding ding…

1975 H2. Brap!

Yamaha 350

Laverda Jota 1000

Custom Ducati Scrambler by Analog Cycles

1975 KZ900

Ducati flat track bike

Portable Arc Welder

Matchless close-up

That is it for now…more coming soon!

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