Best I’ve Seen – 1972 Chaparral Bullet ST80

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Post-Sale Update: This Chaparral Bullet ST80 sold for an unknown best offer under $4,000.

In the 70s, snowmobile manufacturer Chaparral saw how popular dirt bikes were becoming, and wanted to get in on the craze. They did so with a lineup of 3 small (and apparently mediocre) mini-cycles that were deemed “Familyweight”. This was the Bullet ST80 (apparently the top of the line model, because it included lights, horn, and speedo as standard), built for trail riding. The 80cc engine was a Fuji unit that produced 7.5 horsepower, and the whole bike weighed just 125 pounds. For a little more information on this bike (and many other of the minbike clones that came out during this time period), check out this article from SuperHunky). This example has 2,079 miles and comes with a NOS seat and tank. It looks cleaner than probably any other remaining example of the breed – whether or not that means anything in terms of how much it’s worth is yet to be seen.

Find this Chaparral Bullet ST80 for sale in Muskegon, Michigan with a BIN of $4,000 or best offer