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I couldn’t tell you exactly why, but whenever I see a motorcycle with a sidecar, I’m always hoping to see a dog inside of it. Even though I down have either of them, I love dogs and I love sidecars – they just seem like the perfect match. With that said, I wouldn’t know where to start if I wanted to incorporate both into my life, which is why I was very excited to learn about Dogs Ride by Timothy and Connie O’Connor, the perfect guide for someone who’s looking to get started with four-legged creatures on three-tired vehicles.

First, let’s start with a video that sums up the joy of what a dog on a bike can bring you – I can’t help but smile every time I see this:

Now, let’s take a closer look at Dogs Ride.

Dogs Ride - Ava

The book starts off simple enough, with an explanation of why a dog owner with a motorcycle would want to combine the two. I assume if you’re reading this, you don’t need any convincing. From there, the book explains the best ways to bring man’s best friend along for the ride, with hints, product reviews, and safety information.

Dogs Ride - Connie on BMW RT with Harley Front

Anything you can think of is covered, though in an impressively concise way. You can get through the whole book in a sitting or two, but it’s guaranteed to give you ideas that will consume your mind for hours. Now I just have to figure out type of dog I want…

Dogs Ride - Harley

Most importantly, the book does a great job with giving you sources for further research, if you’re so inclined.

Dogs Ride - Harley2

For more information, check out the Dogs Ride website. A portion of book sale proceeds go to help rescue dogs and a no-kill shelter in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dogs Ride - Connie on BMW RT with Harley

Reader Ken M sent me a picture a couple of weeks ago about a dog who doesn’t even need a sidecar. This seems like the appropriate time to share:

So if you’ve been curious about what it would take to safely bring your dog along with you on motorcycle rides, check out Dogs Ride.

As a bonus – I have an extra copy! So if you’d like it, leave a comment below with the breed of dog and model of bike you’d most want and I’ll randomly select someone to mail the book to…

Photos courtesy Timothy O’Connor.