Carbo-Tec Frame – 2002 Ducati “1036CS”

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I saw this bike on eBay last week and didn’t share it because I figured it wouldn’t meet reserve, but I didn’t realize how far off I was. Now it’s back up on eBay and the seller has an asking price – $58,000 or best offer. Is it worth it? You tell me.

Per the seller, this custom Ducati is called “You Wish”, and it took Alex Ortner 1,700 hours to build. There’s obviously a long list of upgrades, but the main things to know are that it weighs 342 pounds wet (without gas), the engine makes 155 horsepower and “just under” 100 ft-lbs of torque, and it’s absolutely adorned in carbon fiber, magnesium, and titanium parts.

The seller adds that the engine was rebuilt 100 miles ago and that he’s owned the bike for 12 years. He had a “certified independent appraisal done by Mark Mederski of Mederski Vintage Motorcycle Services for $205,000,” but I think most motorcycle appraisals are worthless anyway. Still, it’s not like this bike isn’t worth a lot, check out the list of upgrades:

Carbo Tec CF frame: $17,000.00
Carbo Tec CF sub frame: $1,500.00
Carco Tec CF breather box- $650.00
Alex Ortner CF chain guard- $250.00
Alex Ortner CF dash- $300.00
Alex Ortner CF airbox- $750.00
Alex Ortner billet radiator reservoir- $375.00
Alex Ortner CF battery box- $525.00
Alex Ortner front brake rotor carrier- $500.00
Alex Ortner cut flywheel- $175.00
Alex Ortner Ti shift pivot- $25.00
BST wheels: $ 3,800.00
Showa WSBK/Moto GP forks (Matt Mladin’s): $20,000.00
Penske 8987 rear shock with Ti spring- $1,550.00
Martin Brickwood Ported heads- $3,500.00
WSB Mag Swing arm +25mm- $5,500.00
Corsa Rear Axle & brake rotor: $1,000.00
Mag Head covers- $500.00
MagnaDyne Welded Rockers- $1,280.00
Eti Fuel Cel “RS” Corse- $1,715.00
Marvic Mag Triples- $1,595.00
Lyndall Metal Matrix rotors- $1,200.00
Brembo T-Drive rotors- $775.00
Brembo GP brkae & clutch masters- $750.00
Brembo Narrowband GP calipers- $3,332.00
Brembo Billet GP rear race caliper- $1,300.00
Yoyodyne Ti bolt engine kit- $469.00
Yoyodyne Ti bolt kit chassis kit- $369.00.
Yoyodyne light weight clutch kit- $425.00
M&S CF seat- $250.00
Zero-Gravity wind screen- $89.00
Carbon handel bars- $475.00
CycleCat clipons- $325.00
Corsa Crbon rear sets- $1,650.00
MotoWheels Ti cush bushings- $279.00
STM aluminum rear sprocket- $$175.00
D.I.D. ERV3 Chain- $205.00
DP 14t light weight sprocket- $54.00
Alex Ortner CF kickstand & billet bracket- $625.00
Moto Corse full Ti exhaust- $5,750.00
Yoyodyne Ti suspension pivots- $150.00
Alex Ortner Ti motor mounts- $200.00
Hard anodizing- $125.00
Color anodizing- $100.00
Paint- $1,000.00
Ti insepction case screws-$12.00
GP oil lines- $150.00
Ferber Oil cooler & CF surround- $1,200.00
John Hackett Per. silicone hose kit- $250.00
John Hackett Per. Digital Stack Dash- $2,200.00
STM sprockets- $217.00
RIGA air filter- $219.00
Mag Clutch case cover- $575.00
Fast Company CF clutch cover- $175.00
CycleCat pressure plate- $235.00
Hedgeman clutch slave cyl.- $369.00
FrenTubo kevlar brake lines- $375.00
BCM Pistal 1036 Race pistons- $500.00
Millennium Boring and plating- $350.00
MotoCorse Ti Dzus fasteners- $450.00
MotoWheels slipper clutch- $989.00
MotoWheels Carbon Fairing- $1,798.00
MotoWheels Ti shift pivot- $32.00
MotoWheels Ti brake clevis- $44.00
MotoWheels Ti swingarm pivot- $280.00
M&S CF Headlight bucket- $569.00
MotoWheels CF mirrow stays- $239.00
MotoWheels aluminum bolts- $269.00

I’m glad I copy/pasted that instead of typing it all out!

Curious to hear what you guys think of this one.

Find this custom Ducati for sale in Xenia, Ohio with a BIN of $58,000 or best offer here on eBay.