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1952 Ambassador Supreme

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Daye Kon was a British motorcycle, car, and boat racer who set a Speedboat World Record in 1930. After a sad accident in an MG race car on the Isle of Man (where the passenger died and Don went to prison for a few months), he created Ambassador Motorcycles. The company originally was created to import American cars into England, …

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1 of 371 – 1983 Triumph TSX

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1-25-2014 Update: 4 months later, this Triumph TSX is back up for sale, and for some reason the opening bid is $1,000 higher. Find it here on eBay with an opening bid of $7,500 here on eBay. The Triumph TSX was designed as a custom ‘West-Coast’ styled Bonneville. A last ditch effort to boost lagging sales, this custom bike took the …

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1970 Triumph Tiger Daytona Racer

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Post-Sale Update: This Triumph Tiger Daytona Racer quickly sold at the BIN price of $4,995 on eBay. The 1970 Triumph Tiger, also known as the T100R, was the little brother of the Bonneville. You lost a little horsepower, but the Tiger gave better gas mileage and was easier to tune and start – some though the Tiger was a better …

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1 of 136 – 1971 Rickman Enfield Interceptor

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Post Listing Update: Relisting did not help, as 17 bids got up to $13,299. 1-21 Update: This Rickman Enfield Interceptor is back up for sale with a BIN price of $21,500. Find it here on eBay. Post Listing Update: After 21 bids, this Rickman Enfield Interceptor did not meet reserve at $18,650. In the early 70s, an aspiring Floyd Clymer …

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1959 Indian Lance

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Between 1955 and 1960, the Indian marque was owned by an English firm called Brockhouse Engineering. During this time, they imported Royal Enfield bikes under the Indian name. This 1959 Indian Lance was a variant of the Royal Enfield Ensign, a 148cc descendant of the Flying Flea, a tiny motorcycle designed to be air-dropped to British soldiers in WWII.

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1995 Triumph Daytona

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1/15 Update: This Triumph Daytona is back up for sale with a slightly more realistic BIN price of $8,000. Find it here on eBay. The Triumph Daytona is known nowadays as an excellent 3 cylinder sportbike, the brother-with-fairings of the Street Triple. Not many people know that back in the early 90’s, when Triumph had a resurgence, they came out …

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Approaching the End – 1974 Norton 850 Commando

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The Norton 850 Commando was one of the most popular motorcycles ever made. For 5 straight years it was “Machine of the Year” in the UK, and even Norton themselves were surprised as the success as the engine was a pre-unit design. This was because money was very tight at the time for Norton, so they instead focused on chassis …

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1948 Sunbeam S7

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After WWII, as part of reparations, BMW gave up its designs of the BMW R75. Bikes like Chang Jiang and Ural used these designs, but England’s take was the Sunbeam S7. You can see the BMW influence when you look at a side profile, but Sunbeam wanted to differentiate themselves by utilizing a inline vertical twin instead of the German …

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Street Scrambler – 1971 Norton Commando SS

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Post-Sale Update: Unfortunately, this Norton Commando SS was pulled from eBay. Final sale price unknown. Today, we feature a bike that we didn’t even know existed – the Norton Commando SS. Considering the history of Norton bikes, you’d be excused for assuming that SS stands for Super Sport, and that this might be one of a limited number of factory …

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Desert Sled – 1967 Norton N15CS

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Post-Listing Update: This Norton N15CS Desert Racer was pulled off of eBay after bidding hit $4,494.44, but the final sale price is unknown. After Norton moved production to Plumstead in the early 60s, they had a few leftover engines from the less-than-popular Atlas line. They threw those engines into Matchless frames to create a series of hybrids under the Norton, …

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1967 BSA Lightning

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Post Sale Update: After 14 bids on eBay, this BSA Lightning did not meet reserve at $6,001. It was then relisted and again did not meet reserve, this time at $6,991. The BSA Lightning was the British firm’s attempt at an all-around streetbike, slotting between the Spitfire and Thunderbolt. At the time, it was one of the fastest motorcycles available …

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1935 Ariel VG 500 Deluxe

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11-27 Update: Well, that was quick. Just a few hours after we posted this Ariel VG 500, it sold for an unknown best offer on eBay. Ariel was a British manufacturer that was well known for innovation, especially due to the Square Four. The company had an interesting history – after producing its first bike in 1902, it closed for …

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1971 BSA Rocket 3

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Post-Sale Update: After 11 bids on eBay, this BSA Rocket 3 did not meet reserve at $16,600. Sharing its roots with the Triumph Trident, the BSA Rocket 3 was a 750cc triple that was designed to extend the model line beyond 650 twins. It was specifically built for the US market, which wanted larger displacements and less vibrations. BSA’s financials …

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1968 Seeley 7R

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Post-Listing Update: This Seeley 7R Racer was pulled off of eBay, final sales price unknown. Colin Seeley is a former sidecar racer who became famous as a motorcycle designer. Some of his most notable work came right after he retired from sidecar racing competition, where he built frames for racing motorcycles utilizing Matchless and AJS engines. At the time, AJS …