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Suzukimatic – 1983 Suzuki GS450A

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When automatic transmissions were the hot new innovation in automobiles, manufacturers gave them amazing names like Powerglide, TorqueFlite, Ultramatic, and even Toyota’s Toyoglide. Honda also got in the game with both cars and motorcycles with the Hondamatic (why the hell didn’t they bring that name back for the new DCT they’re using in bikes?), but did you know that Suzuki …

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2001 MZ Baghira

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MZ decided to expand their product line with the introduction of the Baghira, a supermoto with excellent components – bodywork from Acerbis, motor from Yamaha, and suspension from WP and Marzocchi. It all combined to make a rare and very satisfying dual purpose motorcycle.

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1977 Moto Guzzi V1000 Convert

In Cruiser, Italy, Less than 5k by Abhi3 Comments

Initially designed to target the US police bike market, the V1000 Convert was the first production large displacement shaftie. You can probably guess why it was called Convert – the bike had a torque converter which allowed for smooth shifting between the two gears and allowed a rider to stop the bike while in gear.

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Nice Price – 1982 Honda Ascot VT500

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Named after Ascot Park, a former flat-track raceway in Los Angeles, the Honda Ascot (also known as the VT500) was a V-Twin standard that was styled after flat-track bikes. I used to think the front headlight looked silly, and in the process I unfairly over-looked the Ascot. It didn’t sell well, but owners are passionate about this bike – an …

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$2,800 – 1983 Suzuki GS1100E

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In the early 80s, Suzuki knocked off the CBX as the superbike du jour. The Suzuki GS1100E came into the market and instantly became the bike of choice for the power hungry. American press mags constantly raved about not just the power, but also the surprising handling abilities for such a large bike. The shame for Suzuki was that this …