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Somehow Street Legal – 2004 Honda NSR50

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We’ve featured the NSR50 before – it’s easily the best of the 50cc bikes to come out of Japan in the last couple of decades. What makes this particular example noteworthy is that it’s somehow claimed to be street legal. Seeing as Honda specifically sold these as non street-legal, I assumed that there would be more required than simply slapping …

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1947 Salsbury Imperial 85 With Sidecar

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Post-Sale Update: After 18 bids, this Salsbury Imperial 85 with Sidecar sold for $20,000. Back in 1936, a man named E. Foster Salsbury co-developed the Salsbury Motor Glide, a scooter with an enclosed drivetrain underneath the seat. His later development of the first CVT to be used on a scooter made his product such a success that he even tried …

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1999 Excelsior Henderson Super X

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In the early 1900s, Excelsior and Henderson were two of America’s best motorcycle manufacturers. Excelsior produced the first motorcycle to official hit 100 miles per hour, while Henderson was producing the favored bikes of America’s police officers. There’s a reason for the similarities – the companies were both bought up by Schwinn in the 1910s, and were shut down in …

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Gixxer Tourer – 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

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Post-Sale Update: This Suzuki GSX-R 1100 did not meet reserve at $4,450. Following on up a likely touring bike with a giant front fairing – the BMW R65, today we’ve got a much more unlikely touring candidate – the Suzuki GSX-R 1100. This first year example has had a Targa fairing added, adding tremendous wind protection and allowing for a …

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1957 MV Agusta Super Pullman

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Post Sale Update: After 39 bids on eBay, this MV Agusta Super Pullman sold for $3,350. Though MV Agusta is typically known for large-displacement super sports, they focused plenty of their efforts on small two-strokes in the 50s and 60s. The MV Agusta Super Pullman, despite the name, was not simply an upgrade of the 125cc Pullman model. A completely …

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Front Heavy – 1981 BMW R65

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I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a bike with so much visual mass in the front. I’m a big fan of the BMW R65, particularly the R65LS, which was a very distinctive middle-weight tourer. But someone has taken the touring concept to the extreme with this bike, which features a Hannigan fairing, Russell Day-Long seat, hard panniers, and heated grips. …

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1957 Harley-Davidson Panhead Police

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Post-Sale Update: Wow. After 79 bids, this Harley-Davidson Panhead Police sold for $60,700. We’ve featured a Custom Panhead before, but today we’re featuring a cop bike. This Harley-Davidson Panhead Police is an ex-Massachusetts State Police bike which features a special-ordered left hand throttle.

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1988 Kawasaki KR-1

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In the late 80’s, Kawi had some success with their KR250 road racer, and released the Kawasaki KR-1 as a wonderful little two-stroke race rep. It was quite successful, triggering increased competition from the big 4, and it set off a 250cc 2-stroke war among the Japanese – unfortunately us Americans didn’t get to enjoy these little demons. Well, 25 …

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1966 Yamaha YCS1 Racer

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The Yamaha YCS1 was a 180cc streetbike that utilized special cast iron cylinder sleeves and Yammy’s well-known Autolube system. While they offered a factory road racer option, this racer is a non-factory effort based on the stock frame that is claimed to have some history at Daytona. Find this Yamaha YCS1 Racer here on Craigslist for $3,000 in Chicago, Illinois. …

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1975 Harley-Davidson X-90

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Post-Sale Update: This Harley-Davidson X-90 sold for the BIN price of $2,950. One of the oddballs to come from Harley’s time when they were merged with Aermacchi, the X-90 was a minibike produced for just 3 years. This example is in ‘sparkling red’, and it comes with a fold-down handlebar to make it easier to transport the bike. The ’75 …

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Paralzyed Twin – 1977 Ducati 500 GTL

In Italy, Standard by Abhi5 Comments

Post-Sale Update: This Ducati 500 GTL was pulled off eBay. Final sale price is unknown. In the early 70’s, Ducati’s management felt that the future of their mid-sized bikes was going to be with parallel twin engines. Despite the fact that Ducati had previous unsuccessful experience with such an engine type, the Italians decided to go for it, their first …

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1 of 150 – 2007 Ducati 999S Team USA Replica

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The Ducati 999S Team USA Replica was a very limited edition of the Italian firm’s superbike of the time. Built to commemorate Ducati’s participation in the AMA, this bike was unfortunately nothing more than a cosmetic package built surprisingly around the S, and not the 999R model. With a MSRP of $19,999, Ducati released only 150 examples of the Team …

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1967 Bultaco Metralla Mk2

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Post-Listing Update: After being relisted several times, this Metralla did not sell at $14,000, $13,700…or any price. In the 60s, Bultaco was known primarily for its off-roaders, especially in the US. Their streetbikes were normally relegated to stay in Bultaco Cemoto’s home country of Spain, which imposed regulations allowing Bultaco to only use one engine in a small variety of …