1974 Norton 850 Commando

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The Norton 850 Commando was one of the most popular motorcycles ever made. For 5 straight years it was “Machine of the Year” in the UK, and even Norton themselves were surprised as the success as the engine was a pre-unit design. This was because money was very tight at the time for Norton, so they instead focused on chassis …

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The Widowmaker – 1970 Kawasaki H1 500 Mach III

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Post-Sale Update: After being relisted on eBay, this Kawasaki H1 500 Mach III sold for $7,250. Known as the ‘Widowmaker’, the Kawasaki H1 series were a range of triples famous for being incredibly fast, without the handling to match. This bike ended up setting a standard for how dangerous a motorcycle could be – motorcycle reviewers of future years would …

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2000 Harley Davidson MT500

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10/11 Update: Try 3! We expect the bike to sell this time, as they’ve finally lowered the opening bid to something feasible, and there’s no reserve. Check it out here – but if it doesn’t sell, we’re not featuring it again. 10/4 Update: Try 2 – this bike has been relisted yet again, with a BIN price of $8,200. 9-24 Update: …

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1968 Cheney Triumph 500

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Post-Sale Update: After being relisted, this Cheney Triumph 500 sold for $6,500 on eBay. One of the most challenging races in any discipline was the International Six Days Trial (ISDT – now known as the ISDE). An annual test of rider, machine, and durability, the ISDT is also known as the “Olympics of Motorcycling.” In 1968, ISDT changed up the …

Six Cylinder Superbike – 1979 Honda CBX1000

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In the late 70s, the big four Japanese companies kicked off a horsepower war that by stuffing big engines into their usual frames, creating the notion of superbikes. When it came to Big Red’s turn, Honda decided to push boundaries and utilize their first 6-cylinder engine in a production motorcycle. Benelli actually beat Honda to the punch in terms of …

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Silver Dream – Honda CB50R

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Post Sale Update: This Dream sold for the BIN of $5,500. Honda has always been one of the world’s best at sub-100cc bikes, from commuter bikes for the people to full on works racers. Over the years, however, the company slowly moved towards bigger bikes in an effort to capture more of an American market that has always been obsessed …

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2005 Derbi GPR 50 Nude

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Post-Sale Update: This Derbi GPR 50 Nude did not get any takers despite a lowered BIN price of $1,999. Derbi is a small Spanish company that started as a little bicycle shop near Barcelona, Spain. In fact, the name Derbi itself refers to the company’s beginnings, as it’s an acroynm (in Spanish) for “Derivatives of Bicycles). Derbi ended up being …

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1987 Suzuki GSX-R 50

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Post-Sale Update: After 27 bids on eBay, this Suzuki GSX-R 50 sold for $1,326. The GSX-R 50 was Suzuki’s take on the street-legal minibike movement of the 80s. The Yamaha YSR50 and Honda NSR50 are the more common options, but in our eyes, the Suzuki GSX-R 50 was the best looking, due to the full fairings, and ‘little engine that …

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2003 Steed Clydesdale Silver Bomber

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Post-Sale Update: This Steed Clydesdale Silver Bomber was relisted but still could not meet reserve at $9,600. The Silver Bomber was a limited edition of the Clydesdale model from Steed Musclebikes. Formed in 1989, Steed was founded by John Covington, who built the company into one of the more interesting custom cruiser shops in the US. The shop got so …

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1965 Honda Super 90

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Regular readers know we love the Honda Super 90. It’s no speed demon, but it’s an absolute joy to ride in town. With just 8 horsepower on tap, conservation of momentum is key, and it forces you to think ahead while riding. We think it’s absolutely lovely – so much that the Super 90 is used for our logo. When …

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1913 Rex Brooklands

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Post-Listing Update: After 31 bids, this Rex Brooklands did not meet reserve at $22,322 on eBay. Rex was a British motorcycle company founded in 1900. It survived 2 mergers and 33 years of existence before closing up shop, and in its prime was considered one of the best marques in British motorcycling. One of their partnerships was with JA Prestwich …

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1972 Pannonia P20

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Pannonia was the best-known motorcycle manufacturer from Hungary. Produced between 1951 and 1975, Pannonia sold just under 700,000 bikes. An American importer based out of Santa Ana, CA called White Motorcycles private-labeled Pannonia’s to sell in the US. The Pannonia P20 was a 250cc two-stroke that was based on a DKW model. As Yamaha had also cloned the DKW, the …

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1999 Aprilia RSV Mille SP

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Post Sale Update: After being relisted, this Aprilia RSV Mille SP sold for $8,850 after 30 bids on eBay. The Aprilia RSV Mille SP was a homologation special produced for Aprilia to enter the Superbike World Championship. The minimum requirement was for 150 bikes, so that’s exactly what Aprilia made. Today, we’re featuring #59.