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Mokka X Phylia Build – 1980 Peripoli Oxford Custom Moped

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Small-displacement customs are some of the most fun builds. Their lower-price makes them smaller investments and therefor more accessible to your average rider or builder, when the donor-bike is dramatically less-expensive, you have more funds to play with. There have also been some particularly interesting collaborative builds between custom moto-shops and various (non-moto-industry) companies such as the TW Steel X …

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1965 Skat Kitty Minibike

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The Skat Kitty was one of many American minibikes of the 60s, but it stands out as it was the first production “scooter” with a cast aluminum frame and fender assembly. It was sold by Projects Unlimited out of Dayton, Ohio, and this is probably only going to appeal to someone who either had one themselves as a kid (or …

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1959 Moto Guzzi Galletto

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Post Listing Update: This Galletto did not meet reserve despite 25 bids up to $4,550. Carlo Guzzi was one of Moto Guzzi’s three co-founders back in 1921, and he was the brainchild behind a scooter/motorcycle hybrid called the Galletto (cockerel in Italian). Over approximately 15 years of production, 75,000 units were sold.

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HD’s Only Scooter – 1961 Harley-Davidson Topper

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Harley-Davidson has only produced one scooter in its entire history; the Topper. The Milwaukee-based manufacturer did make some small-displacement mopeds during its partnership with Aermacchi, but the Topper is the only scooter Harley made with legitimate floorboards and an automatic transmission. Starting in 1959 or ’60, and ending production in ’65, Harley-Davidson offered the 165cc two-stroke Topper in hopes of …

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3-Wheel Tilters – Pair of Honda Gyros

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The Honda Gyro is an all around fun little scoot. These tilting three-wheelers boast a leaning main body that allows for stability when cornering at speed, without losing a scooter’s traditional low-speed stability. With 49cc displacement, a turning radius of 5.5-feet (or 1.7-meters), an automatic (two-speed) transmission, and the bike’s ability to tilt/lean, the Gyro is a phenomenal gateway into …

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$950 – Tule Trooper Big Boy

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Jim Edwins was the man behind the J. I. Edwins Company in Issaquah, Washington. The firm was best known for the production of the “Trooper”, a competitor to the better-known Tote Gote. They’re rare finds nowadays, and this one is worthy of consideration as it’s the harder-to-find “Big Boy” model with optional tandem seat and it’s said to run great!

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1960 Cushman Allstate Jetsweep

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“Like a new 1959 car . . long, low, sleek . . smart 2-tone colors” {Quotes from the 1959 Sears Catalog Advertisement page 1066} The 1960 Allstate Jetsweep was a rebadged Cushman 722 Pacemaker offered between 1957 and 1960. Sears and Cushman had a long term relationship that saw tens of thousands of Cushman scooters sold under the Allstate banner.

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1980 Italjet Pack 2

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Post Sale Update: After 4 bids on eBay, this Italjet sold for $1,125. In the 60s, Italjet produced a folding scooter called the Kit Kat. It was designed for pilots and sailors who found themselves at a destination without wheels. A couple of decades later, the Italian company modernized the idea with a scooter they called the Pack 2. It’s …

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1961 Rockford Silver Pigeon

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In the 1950s and 60s, Rockford Scooter Company of Rockford, Illinois imported several Japanese lines for sale in the US. Bike-urious chronicles the importation of Bridgestone Motorcycles in 1963 right here. As it turns out, Rockford also signed a deal with Mitsubishi to import the ‘Silver Pigeon’ line. Rockford was aggressive in their marketing signing up a large dealer network …