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The Ragged Edge Review

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About a week ago, I shared a trailer for a documentary of Erik Buell called the Ragged Edge. I was lucky enough to get a screener copy of this film, and wanted to share my thoughts on what is basically a modern tragedy.

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Product Review – Oberon Clutch Slave Cylinder

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As I explained in my review of the BoosterPlug, one of my complaints with the BMW K1200R is with the clutch feel. Even with the OEM adjustable levers, I felt that the engagement point was too far out, and the travel in the friction zone was rather abrupt. Here’s my attempt to resolve that.

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EagleRider – More Than Just Harley Rentals

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As a resident of sunny Los Angeles, I occasionally ride by a giant building next to the 405 with “’ plastered on the side. I had heard about EagleRider before, but as I’ve never been much of a cruiser guy, I had always disregarded the company because I was under the impression that they only rented Harleys. Turns out I …