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Book Review – Dogs Ride

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I couldn’t tell you exactly why, but whenever I see a motorcycle with a sidecar, I’m always hoping to see a dog inside of it. Even though I down have either of them, I love dogs and I love sidecars – they just seem like the perfect match. With that said, I wouldn’t know where to start if I wanted …

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Gear Review – Wolfman Rolie Bag Pannier Kit

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My trip to Alaska caused me to do something very, very rare in my life – I actually had to plan for something in advance. The horror! And while sites like ADVRider make it easier to prepare by giving you a peek at what other successful travelers have done, there was one aspect of my trip that I was concerned …

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“Bike” Review – Morgan 3 Wheeler

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First things first: If you’ve been reading Bike-urious for a while, you’ll know that this is my first vehicle review (and also the most I’ve used the word “first” in a sentence). I apologize in advance – this probably won’t be what you expect from a review, as I don’t have a big budget or fancy equipment. I just have …

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Aerostich Waxed Cotton Dispatch Messenger Bag

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Buying bikes is great, but sometimes you need gear to get the most out of your ride. With that in mind, I’ll occasionally be sharing some reviews of products that have made my rides more enjoyable in the hopes that you might enjoy them, too. Just remember – the priority of this site is still bringing you interesting, rare, collectible, …