Comes With a History Lesson – 1991 Husqvarna WMX600

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Post Listing Update: This WMX did not meet reserve despite 10 bids up to $3,001.99 on eBay in San Jose, California.

The bodywork says WXE610, but the seller notes that this is actually a WMX600. Either way, it’s an interesting machine from the end of Husky’s run in Sweden, and the seller’s includes a great recap of 80s Husqvarna in the listing.

I’d highly recommend you check out the listing, just know that the seller clearly prefers the original Husqvarnas to today’s offerings, which are basically rebadged KTMs:”There is more to say about the wonders of this bike, but by this point in reading this auction, you have either been evangelized into believing what I have to say about the 1991 WMX 610…or not, in which case you can move on to the next mass-produced watered-down genetically-modified organisms that are the current so-called Husqvarnas.

This example (VIN: ZHUTC6108MV000116) is on offer by the second owner. The first owner apparently bought it and let it sit for about 24 years because he couldn’t start it. “While the bike was in very poor external condition when I bought it, I removed the clutch cover and found the internals to be in new condition, and seemingly never run. Therefore, I proceeded to completely disassemble the bike for full restoration.” The seller says it now runs perfectly and that he’s got restored WMX graphics that are included in the sale. He also says that the only thing left to do is to source some matching wheels for a set of Michelin supermoto he’s throwing in as his plan was to turn this into a supermoto but he needs the money for real estate.

To help you with the pricing, the seller currently has this bike on Craigslist for $7,500. Find this Husky for sale in San Jose, California with bidding up to $2,025 and the reserve not yet met here on eBay.