Don’t Drink and Drive – 2009 Budweiser Mini Chopper

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Just like this bike, this post will be short and sweet. In the last few years, Budweiser ran a promotion where contestants could win a miniature chopper bike that was street-legal and capable of nearly 55 miles per hour, though we’d be terrified to do so!

Budweiser Mini Chopper - Front

We’ve had a heck of a time confirming details on this bike, but we believe it features a 125cc engine, 4 speed transmission, a hard tail rear and actual front suspension with the other aspects you’d expect to make it street legal – lights, turn signals, horn, etc. It even has both an electric and kick start.

Budweiser Mini Chopper - Gauges

This specific Budweiser Mini Chopper has less than 20 hours of use, and is claimed to be in good shape, though the photos don’t help enough in that regard.

Budweiser Mini Chopper - Left Side

Find this Budweiser Mini Chopper for sale here on eBay with a BIN price of $850 in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Budweiser Mini Chopper - Rear

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