Duo of 1974 Dunstalls – Honda and Norton

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Post Sale Update: The Norton Dunstall did not meet reserve at $5,300, while the Honda also did not meet reserve at $3,950.

Norton Dunstall - Tank

Paul Dunstall is a legend in the classic motorcycling world. Originally a motorcycle racer, he set up a workshop where he turned Nortons into world-beaters with engine and cosmetic modifications. Fast forward to the 1970s, Dunstall’s business had expanded to a point where he was shipping complete bikes directly to dealers in the US. At this point, he was splitting business 50/50 between Honda and Norton. We figured the best way to feature a Dunstall machine would be to have one of each – though he did go on to also work with Kawasaki and Suzuki.

Honda Dunstall - Front

Though it was already quite popular in Europe, some people credit Dunstall and bikes like these with jump starting the popularity of the cafe racer in the states. Though the seller claims this Norton is a 850cc bike, we’d call that into question as in 1974, Dunstall offered a conversion kit to bump the 750 Commando up to 810, not 850 cubic centimeters. Want to learn more? Check out a great history on Paul here on woodgate.org, or a road test of the Dunstall CB750 done by Cycle World in 1973.

Honda Dunstall - Left Side

The Norton had an engine rebuild 4,500 miles ago, as well as a new paint job. The Honda features Dunstall clipons, fairing, tank, exhaust, and rear sets. In addition, it’s got the 812cc Yoshi big bore kit, and the incredibly nifty solo seat. Though it was imported from Canada, it now currently has a California title.

Norton Dunstall - Engine

The previous owner of this bike was featured in a YouTube video here:

Honda Dunstall - Gauges

Find the Honda here on eBay with bidding at $3,000 in Valencia, California. Find the Norton here on eBay with bidding at $500 in York, Pennsylvania.

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