Eastern Fabrications’ “Red Asphalt” – 2018 Motus MST-R Custom

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Built by Lock Baker of Eastern Fabrications (and the man behind Lockhart Knives), this all-American custom took approximately two years to painstakingly piece together. At the heart of the build is the 180hp, 100ci pushrod V4 engine borrowed from the now-defunct Motus MST-R. Wrapped around the mill is a one-off frame paired with a custom swing-arm. Running gear is all of the top-shelf variety: Brembo brakes (from a Hayabusa), Ohlins forks (slotted in one-off triples), Race Tech shocks, and BST carbon fiber rims (19” front, 17” rear) wearing Pirelli tires.

The Motus-powered build, entitled “Red Asphalt”, also received a custom, hand formed tank, tail section, and fenders, though Baker made an effort to leave as much of the engine on display as he could. Other highlights include a full custom exhaust, steel-braided lines throughout, some seriously nifty taillights from SL NYC, and a wildly cool instrument panel featuring a Motogadget Motoscope mini and a Trail Tech digital temp gauge (plus a few toggle switches and whatnot). There’s also a handful of smaller knickknacks Eastern Fabs built for the bike such as the handlebars and various brackets.

I personally really like the instrumentation and how the dual RaceTech shocks fit into the design of the new seat and swing-arm. While the whole sport bike meets drag racer meets chopper aesthetic definitely isn’t for everyone, it’s hard to deny the unique nature of this build, or its high level of craftsmanship and execution. According to Eastern Fabs, around 100 lbs were knocked off the Motus’ 500b stock weight. This custom was featured in several shows, and appeared on both Cruiser and Hot Bike.

You can find this 2018 Motus MST R-based build entitled “Red Asphalt” for sale here on the Eastern Fabrications website in Los Angeles, California with a price of $50,000.

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