Ending Soon – 1954 Parilla 175 Turismo Speciale

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Post Listing Update: This Parilla did not meet reserve despite 23 bids up to $4,505 on eBay.

When it comes to Parillas in the US, the 175 motor is much less common than the 250. This specific bike was imported from Italy but it’s been brought back to life and is ready for someone to ride it as is and hopefully keep it in its current cosmetic condition.

This example appeals to me as the seller has already sourced all the hard to find parts – his original intent was to restore it so it seems that he’s done the hard work for you. However, as he notes, now that the bike is ready to ride he now prefers “the cool patina so it might be worth while preserving it as it is.” While it’s currently equipped with an Italian plate (and it comes with the original Italian title), this bike is currently registered in California.

Find this Parilla 175 for slae in Tarzana, California with bidding up to $3,295 and the reserve not yet met

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