Ending Soon – 1970 Rickman Metisse Street Scrambler

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Post Listing Update: This streetable Rickman did not meet reserve despite 11 bids up to $3,506.

I’ve featured a couple of street-legal Rickman Metisses before, and I can’t get enough of them. Here’s another example that was set up to pound the pavement over 25 years ago, starting with an original Mark IV frame (#1280) and a BSA B44 motor. Last time I featured one I called it the “ur-Supermoto”, and I’m sticking by that description.

I’m not sold on the quality of the repaint (maybe it’s just the photos) or the 441 racing sticker (which denotes the displacement of the motor in cubic centimeters), but there’s a lot to love about this build. Components include Ceriani 35mm forks (the right fork seal leaks and the seller annoyingly says he’s sell you new replacements – why not just fix the bike you’re selling?), Koni shocks, Magura levers/perches/throttle, Renthal handlebars, Supertrapp muffler on a custom exhaust, Smiths speedo, and a larger Rickman desert tank to complement the rest of the Rickman body work. The seller notes that the original color was blue but it was been repainted by the previous owner.

The seller apparently planned on converting this bike back to MX trim and he’s accumulated parts like NOS 21″ front/18″ rear wheels that he’s now selling separately. Unfortunately, on the seller’s last long ride (4 years ago he did 200 miles at a BSA Rally) the tail section fell off, which is why the plate is bent and you can see the original blue through where some paint was scraped off. The roadside fix was zipties but it looks like a permanent fix has been put in place since then.

The seller goes into lots of detail about his thoughts on the bike but his “bottom line” is: “start with this compact and relatively light 441cc powerplant that has been “breathed on” by somebody somewhere along the line, combine the legendary handing attributes of the Rickman frame, add suspension by messrs Ceriani & Koni, throw in surprisingly good brakes, and you have an absolutely unforgettable riding experience!” He also notes that it can be very difficult to start sometimes, possibly due to a “MityMax” battery eliminator system, but once it starts it runs great.

Find this street-oriented Metisse for sale in San Jose, California with bidding up to $3,116 and the reserve not yet met

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