Ending Soon – 1973 Kawasaki H1 Mach III

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Post Listing Update: This H1 did not meet reserve despite 40 bids up to $6,300 on eBay in Chicago, Illinois.

The H1 Mach III was easily the fastest 500cc bike around when it debuted, and it quickly garnered a reputation for being unbeatable in a straight line and unmanageable otherwise. 50 years of stories may have led to some exaggeration here and there, and not everyone agrees that the H1 deserves the title of “Widowmaker”, but that the fact that the description is even considered for this bike is sufficient for me.

The H1 was an instant revelation – Motorcyclist magazine described the power to weight ratio as the best “ever produced in a motorcycle meant to sell to anyone who has the money to purchase it.” The 499cc inline triple two-stroke was fed by Mikuni VM28 carbs and produced 60 horsepower. Dry weight was 384 pounds, so the quarter mile was taken care of in 12.4 seconds and top speed was about 125 miles per hour. For more on the Mach III, check out this story on Cycle World by Kevin Cameron.

This example (VIN: H1F-08071) has 13,262 miles and it’s offered by a seller who understands the importance of pictures. Everything is said to run and it presents just fine as a unrestored bike with plenty of wear but nothing unreasonable for the age. It frankly just looks like a bike that’s been enjoyed occasionally over the years, which I hope is the case.

Find this H1 for sale in Chicago, Illinois with bidding up to $4,551

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