Ending Soon – Ex-Ekins 1966 Triumph TR6C Desert Sled

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If you believe the seller, this Triumph has got a very cool history. Apparently he used to own the property next door to Ekins’ last workshop in North Hollywood, and that’s when he acquired this bike from Bud.

Yes, that's McQueen's winning racer in the back!

Yes, that’s McQueen’s winning racer in the back!

The seller suggests that Willie Morales had something to do with this bike, and that Bud either bought this back or it was gifted to him. In the seller’s words, “When I first saw this bike in the shop it was still caked in desert dust and grime from it’s last race. Then unloaded and stored in the owner/racer’s garage as it had left the desert decades earlier. A real diamond in the rough. I asked Buds his thoughts on the bike and he said he would keep it a while by his desk to reminisce with friends and visitors who would frequent his shop daily. Soon a carpet of Gaulouis cigarette butts would surround it.”

Some of the trick parts were removed and sold off before the bike was brought to life, but the components list is still impressive: Bates desert long seat, pull back desert handlebars, hacksaw blade kill switch, quick pull throttle, Magura levers, Webco mudguard, Barnes slim clutch cover, custom footrests, Mikuni carb…the list goes on and on. To help with street legality, this bike has an aftermarket taillight and a Triumph Trophy headlight – neither of them actually work, though! Mechanically, the bike starts first kick and is claimed to run great with no known issues. The seller believes it belongs in a museum and should never be restored…what do you think?

Bud Ekins Triumph TR6C Desert Sled - Left Side

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