Evel Knievel’s Stratocycle – Harley-Davidson XLCH

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7-21-21 Update:Another 3 years later, Tim Huber notes that this famous Harley is now for sale by Heritage Auctions. They’re accepting offers for another couple of weeks, and the BIN price is $125,000. Good luck!

1-9-18 Update: 2.5 years later, this bike is now being offered by a different seller (but with the same asking price). Find it in Beverly Hills, California for with a BIN of $200,000 or best offer

Do you remember the movie Viva Knievel? If you do, you hopefully remember the Stratocycle, a modified Harley XLCH that Evel rides as he stars (as himself) in the fictional story.

For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, check out this trailer:

That bike is now up for sale, and the estimated sale price is hefty (between $200K-$300K). Then again, even the toy version of the Stratocycle will set you back about $750 if you can find one. Apparently Evel requested that the Stratocycle be built on a XLCH, and it was obviously given the crazy bodywork and paint scheme. The bike had its shining moment when Evel breaks out Gene Kelly from a mental hospital.

Evel Knievel Stratocycle - Movie

According to the seller, “the provenance of this motorcycle is exceptional: it comes with original California registration card issued for (VIN# 4A20750H6) from “AMF Harley Davidson MTR Co.” to “Warner Bros. Inc.” and an original invoice from Harley-Davidson Motor Co., Inc., dated 8-14-78, selling the motorcycle following the production to “Rich Budelier Company” (the Los Angeles Harley dealership which provided the motorcycles for the film) with the following notation: “Used in Evil [sic] Knievel Movie. To be sold for $500. No freight per Tom Bolfert…4A20750H6 Note 1976 bike.” (Tom Bolfert was the ex-head of archives for the Harley-Davidson Motor Co.)”

Evel Knievel Stratocycle - Rear

The bike was cosmetically restored (specifically the windshield and wheels) to bring it back to how it looked like on the screen…so find this movie star for sale in in Calabasas, California with an opening bid of $200,000