Event Recap – White Rose Motorcycle Club Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Meet

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This weekend the White Rose Motorcycle Club hosted their annual Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Meet & Bike Show, and reader David N. was kind of enough to share his visit with us all!


The White Rose Motorcycle Club in Jefferson, PA is known for its AMA sanctioned Class A professional hillclimb run atop W.E. Bankert Memorial Hill. The hill extends 300 feet vertically. The fence below catches falling debris and maybe an oft bike, rider or two. The club also runs Observed Trials and an AMCA National Meet, but this weekend was their annual Vintage Japanese Motorcycle show and swap meet. The AMCA meet is this coming Sept 30 – Oct 1.


The hill extends over 300 ft. with two challenging “breakers”, or jumps, along the way. Its named after the late William Bankert, who died in a bike crash before its inaugural opening in 1956. The next run is scheduled for September 25th.

Scheduled for Friday through Sunday, The White Rose Club’s Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Show and Swap meet wasn’t as much as a show as it was a swap meet. At least, not on Friday as people were still arriving by 1:00pm.

Although termed “Japanese”, the substance was really anything “metric”. That means anything non-Harley and no Indians. And while there were plenty of 4-cylinder Hondas there certainly was a great variety of other cool vintage bikes too! The seller was asking $3,500 for this 1976 400cc Maico MX. It might have later fenders though.

This rare 64 Pointer Comet was featured here on Bike-urious in July. It was bid up to $1,575 on eBay but did not meet the reserve. The picture here is better though! It looks better in person.

Anyone want a custom OSSA mono-shock project?

Speaking of projects, say hello (or goodbye) to this poor unloved Schwinn! I’m thinking it belonged to Toy Story’s Sid Phillips!

Although this Penton 400 was autographed by both Jack & John Penton, the DT400 almost called to me. The Penton could be had for $3,500. The Yamaha, probably the nicest original example I’ve ever seen, was $2,500.

Not everything was bikes only. Here is a pair of vintage Fox air shocks for $300. Don’t skip the flea market tables.

A beautiful Yamaha XS “street tracker” in a Trackmaster frame. Got to love those triple discs and nickel frame!

Politics aside, biker language and culture is always colorful! Even for the old school guys!

Even Iron Man made an appearance!


Gotta get me one of these one day. Does it float?


For every 10 TY250 Yamaha’s one might find, you might find only one Suzuki RL Exacta. This could be yours for $3,500. Salty? Maybe. But nice? Definitely!



In the end, I left with an empty truck, but that’s probably a good thing! I did take a lot of phone numbers in case I change my mind. One can always squeeze another bike in somewhere!