Double SSSA – 1993 Yamaha GTS1000 Custom

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Post Sale Update: This GT custom sold for $2,475 after 13 bids on eBay.

Yamaha’s GTS1000 is already a very interesting bike thanks to the James Parker-designed RADD front suspension. But this example is officially the coolest GTS I’ve ever seen, thanks to a rear wheel conversion to the single sided swing arm from a 3rd generation Honda VFR!

The GTS was truly ahead of its time, but the $13k price tag required to support technology like anti-lock brakes, fuel injection, and that crazy front end was too much for American consumers. This bike gives you all the fun of a rare, quirky bike, but without the support-related drawbacks. You can use it everyday, and that’s one of the reasons why Bike magazine called it the ‘coolest of rare motorcycles’ ever made. This example is even cooler thanks to the SSSA in the back, though it’s also got several other solid modifications: Ohlins remote reservoir rear shock, Corbin leather seat, Lockhart Phillips tinted touring windshield, a Throttlemeister cruise control…and a Marvin the Martian sticker, if you’re into that.

Yamaha GTS1000 - Left Side

In addition, the seller has an impressive list of spare parts – the OEM rear wheel and other parts that were removed for the conversion, two sets of OEM Krauser luggage (one narrow, one wide), OEM camshaft, OEM headlight, three spare shocks (OEM, Works Performance, and another Ohlins unit!)…the list goes on. The bike has 77,000 miles and it got the rear wheel conversion back in 1995. Note that a few years ago a previous owner put the Ohlins was put on the rear and lowered the bike “introducing a faint headshake.” When the current seller acquired it, he restored the stock ride height with custom dog bones and he says that it has restored the bike’s stability. Weirdly, he says that “all that’s need is minor tuning at this point,” so you’ll want to clarify exactly what that means. Still, this is a trick example of one of Yamaha’s most technologically advanced bike of the time.

Yamaha GTS1000 - Rear Right

Find this custom GTS for sale in San Rafael, California with an opening bid of 99 cents