Ex-Dakar Racer – 2006 KTM 660 RFR

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For KTM fans, the letters RFR are something special. They stand for Rally Factory Replica, and they designate bikes that compete in legendary races like the Dakar Rally. Here’s an example that formerly campaigned in the world’s gnarliest off-road race, but it’s got the rare bonus of already being plated in the US, specifically in California.

While the seller says that this bike is “as used in the Dakar Rally”, the seller doesn’t specify who raced it and I wasn’t able to figure it out myself. In 2006, KTM and Yamaha were the only factory efforts (obviously there were plenty of privateers), and KTM took 9 out of the top 10 places. There were two different teams that were sponsored by both KTM and Red Bull, so your guess is as good as mine as to who originally piloted this machine.

Nevertheless, this bike is said to be “absolutely ready to go” as a tremendous amount of parts are new: Scotts steering damper, wheel bearings, swing arm, grips, headlight, battery, clutch basket, steering head bearings, spark plug, fuel lines (for all FOUR tanks), paint, factory graphics…the list goes on and on, and it’s basically a moderate restoration. If you fill up all four fuel tanks, you’ll have 12 gallons of fuel onboard. The sale includes the factory navigation equipment (electronic roll chart and ICO computer) as well as manuals and a parts list.

Per the seller, this is “not a concourse-level restoration but a fully functional, cosmetically nice-looking, rally race bike.” Here’s a startup video so you can hear the glory:

Find this KTM racer for sale in Scotts Valley, California for $20,000 here on Craigslist. It’s also available here on Facebook for the same price.

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