Fiat Powered in Italy – 1981 Shifty 900

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Post Listing Update: This Shifty did not meet reserve, with bidding stopped at $9,486 in Napoli, Italy.

Built between 1977 and 1982, the “Shifty” was a rather large motorcycle with the powertrain from a Fiat 127 – a 903cc engine and a 4-speed transmission. Even the gauge cluster is lifted from the Fiat, and it’s slapped onto to the top of a cover on the engine where you might think the fuel tank is. The fuel tank is actually under the seat. Less than 70 Shifty 900s were ever built.

The Shifty was the brain child of Hugh Grandis (or as the Italians called him, Ugo Grandis) in Padova, Italy. Hugo had experience at Chrysler in South Africa before he built this commercially unsuccessful two-wheeler. The Fiat drivetrain was coupled with lots of Laverda parts, Marzocchi forks, Brembo front brakes, and a Benelli seat. The motor put out 53 horsepower and 45 pound feet of torque. As you’d expect, dry weight was significant at a shade under 600 pounds.

This example is said to be in excellent condition and it’s ready to ride. The fuel tank was repainted in the original Ferrari 308 red, and mufflers were replaced three years ago. If you’d like to see the Shifty in motion, check out this video by Star Bikers (it’s in Italian):

Find this Shifty for sale in Napoli, Italy with bidding up to $3,674 and the reserve not yet met met here on Catawiki.

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