Fire Bike – 1960 Honda C71 Dream

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Post-Listing Update: This fire-fighting bike did not meet reserve at $976 after 7 bids on eBay.

I try to avoid featuring projects on this site, but when someone gives you the chance to feature a motorcycle that was used in fire response, you take what you can get! This Honda C71 Dream was an ex-fire bike in Japan and is ready for someone to restore it to its former glory.

Honda C71 Dream Fire Bike - Extinguisher

Japan is one of the more frequent users of fire bikes. Currently, the Tokyo Fire Department uses pairs of 200cc bikes called “Quick Attackers” for general emergency services. One bike has the extinguisher system, while the other carries rescue equipment. For more on fire bikes around the world, check out this brief write-up from a cached version of It’s always cool to see motorcycles used for public service. One of the better examples in recent memory is the Retriever, a Goldwing-based towing setup designed to get to the scene faster than any tow truck. Here’s a video:

Honda C71 Dream Fire Bike - Right Side

This specific Honda C71 Dream (VIN: c71-60-32177) is going to need a full restoration, but it comes with a lot of incredibly rare things. It has Ansul fire extinguishers with Japanese lettering on it, siren drive, some extras, and whatever else you can make out from the photo. It was imported from the US several years ago, and seemingly has sat since then.

Honda C71 Dream Fire Bike - Left Side

Find this Honda C71 Dream for sale in Portland, Oregon with bidding up to $600 or a BIN of $2,500

Honda C71 Dream Fire Bike - Rear Left

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