Fire Rescue – 1962 Motobecane 125SV

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Post Listing Update: This Fire Rescue Motobecane was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

I love public service motorcycles, and this “Fire Rescue” bike is easily one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. It’s claimed to still be in “fairly decent” condition but it may need some work if you really want to cover some miles on it.

Motobecane 125SV - Cockpit

It started service in a small French airfield, and then was placed in a motorcycle collection. Currently the engine (a 125cc sidevalve unit) starts on first kick and is said to run fine. The gearbox is also said to have no issues. The clutch can be activated with a foot pedal or the usual lever, and both methods work. Cosmetically, the bike is what you’d expect after over 6 decades of life, but I think it looks fantastic. The blue light and sirens are no longer connected.

Motobecane 125SV - Tank

Find this Motobecane for sale in Peer, Belgium with bidding up to $1,200 and the reserve not yet met (and free shipping to the US)