Free Shipping From Belgium – 1956 Automoto Type APGL

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Post Listing Update: This Automoto did not meet reserve with 43 bids up to $1,740.

Founded in 1902, the French firm of Automoto built bicycles and motorcycles. They merged with Peugeot in 1930 but still created two-wheelers under the same brand name until 1962, when Automoto was shut down. They primarily focused on upmarket bikes with bigger motors, and after WWII they usually utilized 125/250cc AMC engines.

This bike features a 125cc motor, 3.7 gallon fuel tank, and a 3-speed transmission. This example looks great thanks to decades of dry storage, but it has not run in years. The good news is that the motor spins freely and it has “very good compression”, and the seller claims that the gearbox shifts properly. The odometer shows 5,206 miles, and I sincerely wonder if that number will ever change or this bike is just going to spend the rest of its life on display.

Find this Automoto for sale in Peer, Belgium with bidding up to $510 and the reserve not yet met